About us


IPRO JOINT STOCK COMPANY was established in 2008 with the strength in research and manufacturing construction additives and chemical products. Based on the strong background in technical science in materials sector, IPRO JOINT STOCK COMPANY has been unstoppably developed to research successfully and show to the markets many additives and construction chemical products with high-quality, apply the development of material science industry in products, bring about a high value in quality and economic efficiency for the works.

Through the process of research, development and introducing our products to the market, up to now, our products have received positive feedback from clients, works on the quality and their technical and economic efficiency. IPRO JSC has been the reliable provider of construction additives and chemical products to big contractors in Vietnam


  • With the top rule being the benefits of our clients, IPRO JSC will consult on the technical and economic issues to reach the best effect for our clients.
  • We satisfy at the highest level reasonable requests from clients about the products and services we provide and implement.
  • We have a high-specialized technical team to guide and consult technical matters on-site to ensure the highest quality when clients use our products and services.


  • Investing in innovative machinery, equipment and technology to enhance the product quality;
  • Expanding our market inbound and outbound;
  • Both managers and staffs are trained in skills and levels as requested by each work item, and we acknowledge the importance of that meeting the highest requirements from our clients will be the key factor to bring the success of the company;
  • Providing sufficient conditions and safe working environment for our staffs;
  • Taking care of the best lives for our employees;
  • Complying with legal standards and other relevant requirements;
  • Improving our process and quality management system continuously.


  • IPRO has experts with profound professional knowledge in the material science industry. Therefore, products researched and developed by IPRO always focus on the specialization level, high appropriateness and reach the target of the best technical and economic efficiency, and non-stop innovation in leading our clients to better products.
  • IPRO JOINT STOCK COMPANY takes the lead in the application of innovation in material science to research and create products; modernization in the manufacturing process, professional human resource training to create correct method, control the quality strictly and create consistent and high-quality products.
  • The technical team of IPRO is in close in touch with contractors at the worksite to consult technical problems, give the optimal solution to each specific request, help them to meet the most effective in construction quality, bring the reliability of the clients to the company.