Flooring material solution

Self-leveling epoxy grout

Self-leveling epoxy grout is grout that produced from epoxy base. Self-leveling epoxy grout has high workability, good self-leveling. The floor covered by self-leveling epoxy grout will has high hardness, high chemical resistant, smooth surface…

Self-leveling grout

Self-leveling grout is grout that has self-leveling ability. Self-leveling grout is produced from cement base. Self-leveling grout is material solution for make smooth surface on the concrete floor before executing epoxy floor, wood floor, vinyl floor…

Floor hardener from cement base

Floor hardener from cement base is produced from cement, silica sand and additive. Floor hardener from cement base is executed the work after 2-3h executing concrete floor. The floor with the floor hardener layer will has higher hardness than normal concrete floor.