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Product code: PROMO-E

Contact information:

  • Office: No.9 Alley 61 Nguyen Viet Xuan - Thanh Xuan - Hanoi - Vietnam
  • Factory: Sai Son, Quoc Oai, Ha Noi
  • Telephone: 024.66.595.818
  • Hotline: 090.494.9779
  • Email: info@iprovietnam.com
  • Website: www.iprovietnam.com

Product detail


   PROMO-E is fireproof-elastic mortar. PROMO-E is produced base on adhesion additive, aggregate and fireproof substance.


PROMO-E is elastic and  has high crack resistant ability. It is used in construction joints. With fireproof performance, PROMO-E is suitable to apply in hight building.


PROMO-E has high elasticity, high crack resistance.

PROMO-E has fireproof performance

PROMO-E is one component product, it should be used easily and conveniently.

PROMO-E is produced from water-based substance, friendly to environment.


Targets Unit Value Test Method
Percent recovery, not less than % 75 ASTM C736
Percent adhesion loss, not more than % 25 ASTM C736
Appearance: White powder


Executing PROMO-E according to the following process:

Surface preparation:

  • Clean surface by using sandpaper or iron brush … Clean the dust on the surface
  • Avoid surface get dirty of such as dust, grease, other materials …

Preparing the mixture of PROMO-E

  • PROMO-E is packaged in a 20 kg bucket. Estimate PROMO-E volume to execute each time. PROMO-E should not be exposed in the air for more than 5 hours, which will reduce the plasticity. The remaining PROMO-E should be left in the bucket and tight lid.
  • Blend carefully before use.

Executing PROMO-E

  • Coat the latex primer to increase adhesion on all surfaces in contact with mortar. The bucket of PROMO-E includes 2 liters of latex primer.
  • After coating primer from 5 to 10 minutes, executing the PROMO-E mortar in the conection joint.
  • The weight of unit volume of PROMO-E mortar is about 1.45 ± 0.1 kg/l.
  • PROMO-E has a very high adhesion, so it is necessary to wash the tools after each using time by water.



PROMO-E is stored at temperatures between 5 and 40 ° C. The expiry date is before 6 months from manufaturing date in unopen condition. Using PROMO-E before 1 month after the  lid is opened


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