Elastic mortar PROMO-E

Product code: PROMO-E
PROMO-E is fireproof-elastic mortar. PROMO-E is produced base on adhesion additive, aggregate and fireproof substance

Construction sealant PROSEAL-NS01

Product code: PROSEAL-NS01
PROSEAL-NS01 is construction sealant that manufactured on the basis of modified polyurethane and additives.

Elastic putty material PRO-PUTEC

Product code: PRO-PUTEC
Elastic putty material PRO-PUTEC is manufactured from Polyme and additive.

Glue to fill and cover the crack PROBOND-HL200

Product code: PROBOND-HL200
PROBOND-HL200 is glue, color white to fill and cover the crack, create a flat surface for the next finishing layer.

Crack – covering paint PROCOAT-HL100

Product code: PROCOAT-HL100
PROCOAT-HL100 is a one-component, white crack-covering paint specifically used for cover the crack, filling the crack before painting of subsequent layers.